Thursday Listening Party



On the Thursdays we don’t release a new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
Click here to attend all previous gatherings.

I am giddy with excitement about AMT300! I hope you like it as much as/even more than I do. I guess we’ll all find out next week.

Until then, alternative entertainments.

From home:

Earlier this year, I spoke at the Boring Conference. Martin’s talk about eggs was on the playlist at a previous Thursday Listening Party; now, here’s mine, about the disgusting and depressing contents of cookery books:

Something else which alternately delights and horrifies me is being a freelancer. I’ve been one for nearly ten years, and I still haven’t figured out how to even up the boom-or-bust cycle. So for this month’s Sound Women podcast, I gathered together with some excellent freelancers to discover their secrets (one of them used to work as an official Mrs Potato Head!), and to consolegratulate each other:

If you want, you can also hear me in the new history podcast Z List Dead List, and you can read me banging on (again!) about podcasting in this interview with Podcaster News.

From elsewhere:

To accompany his question about the demise of hitchhiking in AMT299, questioneer Toby in Cheshire alerted us to this episode of Four Thought from Radio 4, in defence of hitchhiking. It’s refreshing to hear someone speaking positively about the MOBILE MURDER NETWORK.

On the subject of journeys, I’m working my way through the winners of the 2014 Third Coast Audio Festival, and thanks to Linda Lutton’s Chicago to Mexico – By Bus, I’m having flashbacks to a 36-hour coach journey I endured in 2002 – a mere blink of an eye compared to hers!

The new podcast in everyone’s ears this week is Serial, the long-form investigation of a murder case by This American Life producers Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder. I chained the first three episodes and now I NEED MORE.

And finally: early this morning I received an email from Olly saying, “It’s 5:43am. Just watched all of this.”

Fill your boots.

Tune in to our various other gigs:

After four delightful years, my gig on <a href="BBC 5 Live’s Saturday Edition” target=”_blank”>BBC 5 Live’s Saturday Edition just came to an end. Listen to the podcast of the final episode here.
Olly’s on LBC every weekday 1am-4am. Keep pinching yourself to stay awake and join him.
Martin the Sound Man makes numerous other podcasts, including Brain Train about clever things, The Global Lab about cities and stuff, and The Sound of the Ladies music podcast.
AMT episodes 1-170 and the special AMT albums are all available for a piddling little price at, and if you buy any of them you’re bankrolling the podcast, for which we are extremely grateful.
Catch up on AMT299 and the episodes preceding it.


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One Response to “Thursday Listening Party”

  1. mworfolk Says:

    I love This American Life and was excited to hear that they were doing a spin-off podcast! And it did not disappoint–it’s going to be hard to wait a whole week for each new episode.

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