missed connection



Here’s an email from Richard who lives in Hemel, but spends most of his time in Nottingham, né Richard from Halifax from AMT66, as featured in the Intermission in AMT298, on the subject of which he writes:

Good news! and…bad.

I did not ever find my Maharaba princess, my quest for the ultimate holiday romance never materialised, but I did find another girl two years later named Sarah. Sarah and I have now been in a relationship for over 4 years and we are very happy together.

At the tender age of 21 the mentioning of my old story brought back many memories and was rather surprising, but has made me cherish my current relationship even more.

Aaaaah. A happy story! We love to hear how your life problems turned out subsequent to us contemplating them on the podcast, so do let us know. Unless we ruined your life, in which case we apologise, and also accept no legal responsibility.


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One Response to “missed connection”

  1. Majestic Few Says:

    I hope square space stump up soon so Helly and Ollie can upload AMT299!

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