How Graham are you?



Competition time, dears! Time to fight each other to the death do a fun little quiz!

Our favourite chat show host, Eurovision commentator and Father Ted guest star, Graham Norton, has written a new memoir, The Life And Loves of a He Devil, and as it’s all about love, it promises to be a pretty lively and delightful read.

It’s not out till 23rd October, but you – YOU! Little old you! Sweet, innocent you! – can win a free copy AND the chance to meet The Graham himself. Here’s how:

Step 1: Play the How Graham Are You? Quiz, which is right here.

Step 2: Share your score – call your loved ones, shout it at passersby, confess it to your priest, embroider it on a cross-stitch sampler – but also by sending an email entitled ‘I am Graham!’ to us at

Step 3: There is no Step 3. It’s just a two-step process. You are free to go outside and play.

Disappointingly, this is what I scored:


Clearly I need to work on my Grahamness.

UPDATE: The Graham competition is now CLOSED. Grahams and non-Grahams alike must wait on tenterhooks to find out the results.


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3 Responses to “How Graham are you?”

  1. Ollie Hood Says:

    Somehow I am 100% Graham! Good god!

  2. moz Says:

    Will he be on the show?!? 🙂

  3. samuelfurse Says:

    Dear Helen and Olly,
    I am “Not at all, in any way a He-Devil”.

    Yeah. Not much more to say.



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