Blame Canada’s biscuits




Forget Led Zep’s Immigrant Song; often the real immigrant song is a plaintive wail about how you can’t get proper teabags and the bacon’s different and your mum has to send you parcels of Marmite. Newly Canadian Alexis writes:

I recently moved from Australia to Canada. On the whole, it’s be a rad move and I’m having a great time. BUT the range of chocolate that’s available is very lacking. There’s barely anything fruity, it’s all just in the nuts, caramel and biscuit range of flavours. Not only that, but their Cadbury range is very limited. No Topdeck, no Cherry Ripes, and no Freddos! (Just to name a few.)

So answer me this! Why is the chocolate range here so crap? Where has all the Cadbury gone? Why don’t Canadians like fruity chocolate more?

Readers, can you assist with Alexis’s query in the comments, summoning all your expertise upon Canadian tastebuds/trade patterns/commerce? And is it not the case that the particular confectionaries Alexis cites – Cherry Ripes etc – are exclusive to the Australian market? Perhaps our Northern Hemispherical mouths are not adapted for such taste sensations.


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4 Responses to “Blame Canada’s biscuits”

  1. Alexis Says:

    I’ve never checked the website before, I usually just listen. How delightful that my email is here with a few answers! 😀

    I’m definitely grateful that I’m not in the US, I popped over to New York a little while ago (popped over being a relative term, I’m currently located in Vancouver) and noticed a quality decline in the chocolate I tried there. Not to mention the fact that M&M World doesn’t even have Crispy M&M’s! (No, Pretzel M&M’s are *not* the same.)

    I’m not a fan of Vegemite (or Marmite) so I’m not missing that at all. I’ve found a few fruity/coconut chocolates here, and I did start making my own homemade version of Cherry Ripes.

    Thanks for the answers everyone!

  2. emily Says:

    There are a number of Dairy Milk variations sold in Canada, over the past couple of years they’ve become a bit more exciting, but tending very much toward the nutty end of things. There is an Orange one, reviewed here: but the true stars are the sweet-and-salty bars, the Peanut Butter and Pretzel in particular is delightful. At least you can at least take some comfort in the fact that you’re not in the US, where anything under the Cadbury name is manufactured by Hershey, and so are famously flavourless.

  3. Rinny Says:

    You can still buy Marmite in Canada. So you don’t have to get that shipped to you.
    You can get fruity chocolate from specialty chocolate makers (don’t know where in this massive country you are) and there are always the “taste of Britain” type shoppes that sell an expansive Cadbury line. You just have to know where to look.
    I agree that fruity chocolate might be lacking cause of climate.

  4. Katy Says:

    As a Canadian who relocated to Australia, I also feel the pain of missing home foods (Spicy Doritos, why are you not for sale here?!). Much North American chocolate is crap because we tend to use oil over milk. The fruity thing comes down to the fact it is a heck of a lot colder in Canada and therefore a limited amount of time when light, fruity flavours are called for. Also, could it be a historical availability thing?

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