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Here’s another ‘Does this make me a prostitute?’* dilemma from a lady called Terry:

I went to look at a house as I have recently broken up with my now ex-boyfriend and I need to move out of our currently shared house.

I have found a perfect place, huge bedroom, en suite bathroom, private balcony looking over the river, close to my current work and the three girls that currently occupy this 5-bed house are all really lovely people.

The best part is no rent!!

Yes, you heard me right, no rent. In return for all this amazing lifestyle, I would have to take a shower once a week with an audience, an online audience at least of around 300 paying customers. I would also have to put on a sorta show.

Porn has never bothered me I enjoy the idea of being watched but… Answer me this: does this make me a sorta prostitute?

Please help!! What if someone I know sees me? I have a couple of quite unique tattoos and I’m worried that through the steam and bubbles I will be noticed by someone I know…

Here are some questions to ask yourself, Terry:
• Is this a Carling ad?
• Is this My Little Eye?
• Is this We Live In Public?
• Is this something the other three girls are doing, or is this a special set-up for you?
• I know rents are expensive at the moment, but if 300 customers are paying to watch you in the shower every week, wouldn’t it be more profitable for you to pay to live somewhere and run your own webcam-showering racket?

Readers, what do you reckon? Go to the comments to shower Terry with advice.

Also, since we’re on this topic: five years on, I wonder whether this questioneer decided to go for it.

*Which, if you have to ask, and it’s not a profession you wish to pursue, it’s probably best not.


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3 Responses to “Room with a Viewer”

  1. Tim Says:

    Surely someone who recognises you is in just as uncomfortable a position?
    “Hi, I was watching some porn and I’m sure I was watching you!”
    You can just deny it, and label them a filthy pervert. Sorted.

  2. Ian Says:

    If it’s something you’re comfortable in doing and have fully considered the possible consequences.. Then go for it.
    Anyone that knows you well enough to recognise your tattoos will surely appreciate that you’ve got a reason for ‘putting on a show’ and that you enjoy it and are comfortable with it… And if someone that doesn’t know you that well and questions you about it… Just bullshit and say it isn’t you!

  3. I wasn't here Says:

    If this question isn’t good enough for the podcast, you must have some truly scandalous inquiries. Terry should see if any of the DIY adult live cam sites let you block viewers from certain regions, so no one you know sees you.

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