Thursday Listening Party



Every other week, when there’s no new AMT, join us for the Thursday Listening Party.
It’s the Pyramid Stage at the Spoken Word Glastonbury.

Two weeks remain to fund Olly’s new hosting gig on the Media Podcast, so if you’re feeling generous with your cash, kick in to their Kickstarter, and if you’re feeling generous with your time, listen to the show at

Since it’s that sporty time of year with all the footsport and the Wimblesport, treat yourself to the AMT Sports Day, which you can read about here (prosthetic foreskins! Nude athletes! David Attenborough!) and buy here. From it, here’s the most classy song about tennis ever written:

Oscillating my eardrums:

In recent weeks several different people recommended I listen to the Deadline Podcast, so I’m listening to it. I’m listening to it right now! It’s on iTunes and SoundCloud, and in it, the Telegraph’s obituarists discuss the lives of the freshly dead. I realise I have mentioned deathy podcasts at the last two Thursday Listening Parties. Don’t read too much into this.

Take a look at the ‘Most prevalent tags’ graphic in the sidebar of this website, and you’ll see ‘food’ is twice as big as the rest. It’s not much surprise therefore that we’re devotees of Radio 4’s The Food Programme. 18 months ago I went on a waistline-terrorising road trip around the southeastern US, so I particularly enjoyed the recent episode featuring Sean Brock talking about food revivals in South Carolina, although I enjoy even more the fact that in the feed there’s an episode simply called ‘Knives’.

Usually when I write these Thursday Listening Party posts, I’ve been appearing on and listening to several different shows; but I don’t have many to report this time as it’s been a quiet fortnight for me on both counts. I went on a silent retreat to spend time in meditation and self-actualising contemplat- OK FINE I didn’t, I binge-watched both series of Orange is the New Black. Now that important task is out of the way, what should I be listening to? Please recommend some podcasts in the comments!

To keep your ears ever busy until AMT293 next Thursday, here are some other podcasts we like.


Catch up on AMT292 and the episodes preceding it.
AMT episodes 1-170 and the special AMT albums are all available for a piddling little price at, and if you buy any of them you’re bankrolling the podcast, so thank you very much indeed.
Olly’s on LBC every weekday 1am-4am. Tune in to keep the nightmares at bay (unless you have nightmares about talk radio, in which case tune in to exacerbate them).
I host the monthly Sound Women podcast and am on Let’s Talk About Tech from BBC 5 Live.
Martin the Sound Man makes numerous other podcasts, including Brain Train, The Global Lab and The Sound of the Ladies.


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One Response to “Thursday Listening Party”

  1. samuelfurse Says:

    Hi, Helen, Just wanted to say, thanks for bringing the Deadline podcast to my attention, have been listening to it as well and found it very entertaining.

    Hope all is well with you and in the world of podcasts.

    Best wishes,


    Sent from my iPad


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