Find Frederic!



Here’s an email from a mystery listener who is a little frustrated:

I’ve only recently got into Tinder, but since I did I’ve been addicted and just can’t stop.


I just found a very attractive man and, as you may know, Tinder displays your mutual Facebook likes. and what did this attractive man like on Facebook?? ANSWER ME THIS PODCAST.

Unfortunately, I was looking through all this photos, but accidentally pressed the ‘back’ button whilst swiping through his photos, and……… swiped him left and he’s gone into oblivion.

My only hope is that maybe he might listen to the podcast??? He did like you on Facebook after all. Although his bio said that ‘most of his likes are things he thought were funny 4 years ago’. The only other one I remember was Salem the cat from Sabrina, so between that and you guys, this guy sounds like my ideal man already.

His name was Frederic so if there are any attractive man listeners named Frederic, who probably hail from the south-east ish area of England (or were there at some point) and like Answer Me This and Salem (and I think Franz Ferdinand??) on Facebook, maybe he wants to go out for a drink or something. unless he already swiped me to the left in which case this is awkward.

But work with me.

Reader. Are YOU Frederic off Tinder? Did you find this podcast funny four years ago? Are you a fan of the cat below? Please get in touch!



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