Enya emergency



Enya, winning at Hide and Seek for the 4000th game in a row

Enya, winning at Hide and Seek for the 4000th game in a row

I’m not sure we’ve EVER had a question about Enya, and certainly not one that is URGENT. So mark this day on your AMT Bingo card (we should make AMT Bingo cards!) and then apply yourself to the following question from Nicole from Santa Barbara, California

My almost three-year-old son loves Enya – he’s even slept with his Paint the Sky With Stars CD. He has the same birthday as her (May 17) and worked so hard to make her a birthday card (I wrote the message on the top, which he said that he wanted to write to her).

I don’t want to send it to the record company and have it just be destroyed, and I know she’s had some stalker issues, so the only way to get this to her is with your help.

Please, please answer me this: How can I get this card to Enya?

Gosh, it’s difficult! Enya does not appear to be on Twitter. There are no contact details on her official site. And it would be a bit expensive for Nicole and son to fly last minute from Santa Barbara to Dublin, locate this ‘crack cocaine hell hole’ and visit every posh-looking house within a few hundred yards in order to track down Enya. Clue: this is the house you’re looking for.

Therefore, readers, I appeal to you on behalf of Nicole and particularly her Enyaraptured son: can you use your contacts/detective skills/long-term friendship with Enya to track her down and give her this card, ideally by or on Saturday?

Kid sure loves Enya

Kid sure loves Enya

Awww looooooook he’s HUGGING THE CD! Come on, Enya; there’s a whole new generation of tiny fans out there for you.

UPDATE: Thanks to the machinations of listeners, the card is on its way!


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One Response to “Enya emergency”

  1. Nicole Hersh Says:

    Thank you SO much!

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