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Fancy a cuppa? Ashley from Scotland does:

There’s been something I’ve been trying to find out for a decent amount of weeks now but I can’t find what I want.

Over the past few months I have been subscribed to Graze, a website you can paid £3 odd for a box of 4 healthy snacks and have them delivered to your home. One of the snacks I last got included a teabag (not just a plain PG Tips teabag, it was flavoured), and it got me thinking.

Answer me this, is there not just a website somewhere like Graze that you can only order tea bags? Like you choose which different types of tea you want to try and they give you ones of each.

Readers, do you know of any such companies? Advise Ashley in the comments.

From what I’ve found, you could build your own tea pick’n’mix from Chinalife or Olly’s favourite Teapigs, or buy yourself a selection box from somewhere like Post Tea or Fortnum and Mason. My brother got me a tea advent calendar from Imperial Teas of Lincoln, which was a delightful means of trying twenty-five different teas.

But all of those are a rather expensive way of getting a cuppa. It would be more economical to buy yourself several boxes of different types of teabag, removing them from the packaging and mixing them all together in a big box, then grabbing a handful, shoving it into a fancy envelope and posting it to yourself every week.

Of course, this approach would lack some of the serendipity and surprise you associate with Graze, so write your postcode with a minor mistake on the envelope and send it second class, so you’re thrilled when it finally turns up.

Alternatively, buy a fairground grabber and fill it with assorted teabags. Then every time you want a cup of tea, you have to play the grabber game. You’ll die of thirstFUN!


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2 Responses to “tea by post”

  1. Kim Says:

    Hey! Kim here from PostTea!

    Thanks for the link back in your blog post. We appreciate sitting pretty next to Fortnum and Mason’s! 🙂

    I read your post with interest because it’s something we’d love to be able to do. The closest we have at the moment is our weekly or monthly tea subscription service; you sign up, we post you some tea, at regularly scheduled intervals! The teas you get are a surprise, but we do let you tell us what your likes and dislikes are and we’ll make sure to pack only what we think you’ll enjoy. You probably gathered that we sell mostly loose leaf teas, but your starter box comes with a handy metal tea strainer, and each subsequent box comes with a handful of tea filters; biodegradable empty teabags. You simply add a a tsp of tea to the bag, pop it in your cup, add hot water and you’re away! The tea bags can even be heatsealed gently with an iron if you want to take your tea on a trip somewhere! Here’s a link of you want to have a look! http://www.posttea.co/products/weekly-tea-subscription

    In the past we’ve been subscribers to Graze ourselves, and there website is phenomenal for usability and getting only what you want. We’d love to get to the stage where we can offer something like that!

    Once again thanks for the mention

    Kim @ PostTea

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