Russian holiday: da or nyet?




Here’s a fairly pressing query from Luke from Bristol:

Should I go on my trip to Moscow in 2 weeks’ time?

I’m interpreting Luke’s question as, “If I go to Moscow, will I be caught up in international brouhaha?” rather than, “Should I bother going to Moscow, or should I just stay home in my pants and watch five series of the American Office on Netflix?”

If it was the latter question, brilliant as The Office is, Luke should bear in mind that he can watch that when he gets home.

But I’m reluctant to advise on the former, so readers, travel to the comments and respond: would it be over-cautious to waylay a holiday to Russia at this time?


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3 Responses to “Russian holiday: da or nyet?”

  1. Jennifer Adams Says:

    FCO says fine to travel to Moscow. Avoid demonstrations which have increased since situation in Ukraine. He won’t get a refund if he chooses not to go unless his insurance covers it.

  2. Edward Evans (@edwardrussia) Says:

    What Robin says (see UK government advice, and get insurance) sounds very sensible. I live in Moscow, and there’s been a demonstration here, but nothing else to speak of. Moscow feels like a long way from the Crimea, so it’s business as usual, really.

  3. Robin Says:

    This is a tough question! But I would advise Luke to check if the UK has any travel advisories or advice, and that if he does choose to go to make sure that he gets travel insurance!

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