Thursday Listening Party




On alternate Thursdays when there’s no new episode of AMT, we have ourselves a listening party. Tell us: what have you been piping into your ears, dears?

If the imminent end of the Winter Olympics has you jonesing for MORE SPORT, treat yourself to the AMT Sports Day.

I tell a true tale of DEATH, FAMILY BETRAYAL and TYPOS on the Spark London podcast, available on iTunes and Mixcloud:

For more true stories, check out Radio 4’s Short Cuts, hosted by star of AMT84 Josie Long.

And if you have the thirst for even more true stories, quench with Lea Thau’s Strangers.

The Savage Love podcast is always educational. This week I’ve learnt what a ‘unicorn’ means. I’ve led such a sheltered life.

Jessica ‘Lucille Bluth/mad Misty from Play Misty for Me/Malory Archer’ Walter on Bullseye? Yes please.

Also, do tune in to our regular audio gigs: Olly’s on LBC every weekday 1am-4am, and I’m on BBC 5 Live’s Saturday Edition every weekend, or whenever you want in its subsequent incarnation as the podcast Let’s Talk About Tech. Martin the Sound Man has many other podcast incarnations, including Brain Train, The Global Lab and The Sound of the Ladies.


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  1. thisyearinmusic Says:

    Such a great picture!

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