It’s delightful to discover that AMT has provoked something in a listener other than irritation. Vincent writes:

Whilst merrily working my way through your previous podcasts, I was inspired by one of your answers, about cultural identity and clothing, to create a brand new range of wall art. (Podcast number 232 at 17:58 to be precise, in response to a question about French stereotypes.)

The range is called Mappliqué (see what I did there? Map and Appliqué!), and you inspired me to create fabric maps that use relevant fabrics to represent each region, for example, pinstripe for England, Tartan for Scotland, etc. Amazingly, a quick Google search showed that no-one else had thought of the idea so thank you for inspiring it.

Answer me this:

Are there any other ventures inspired by Answer Me This! that you know of, or is this the first one?

You could be like Dragons’ Den in reverse – the Dragons have no humour, destroy ideas that come before them and suck the life out of a room, whereas Answer Me This! inspires ideas and brings joy into the world! (Deborah Meaden power-suit optional for Helen.)

Can it be possible, readers? Have we somehow brought out your entrepreneurial streaks? If so, tell us about your business ventures in the comments. Although we must state that if said ventures failed, causing your financial/emotional/physical demise, we are NOT liable.

NB this is not a paid endorsement; Vincent just appealed to our vanity, so we appeal to you to check out his wares at, because look! Pretty:



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