sick note


No new podcast today because I’ve lost my voice! You: “That’s no disadvantage, Helen.” Me: “Hey, go fuc-cough cough cough cough cough cough coughcoughcoughcoughcough… sigh.”

To fill the silence in your headphones, you could catch up on recent AMT episodes, attempt some classic episodes, treat yourself to one of our hour-long albums, listen to some of the podcasts we like, try my Sound Women podcast or Martin the Sound Man’s Brain Train, Sound of the Ladies or Global Lab podcasts, or sign up for our free one-month LoveFilm trial and watch all of The West Wing and 24.

That should keep you going until AMT278 next week.

H biohazard



9 Responses to “sick note”

  1. Garry from Sussex Says:

    Two Zaltzman podcasts unexpectedly cancelled in one week – I sense a conspiracy theory – are they being gagged?

  2. Chris freeman Says:

    i hope you get well soon Helen and have not got the winter vomiting sickness. also just wanted to say thank you for the great content your show brings me smiles and helps me deal with my constent pain. you three are truly stars

  3. Rob Says:

    Unacceptable excuse

  4. Leslie Says:

    Yikes! I hope Martin the Sound Man is well and can keep you comfortable.

    Feel better quickly!

    • Elliott Says:

      We should be shipping Helen and olly together.. I imagine ollys girlfriend to be really really really hot though, does anyone else? Like I’d say she was same body as Alexa cheung but hotter… Anyone else think this way?

  5. Ell Says:

    Stop kissing Olly… We all know he has germs and you aren’t allowed, nor is he… So if you get tempted to kiss him again… Just imagine that your mouths are making a tube that has a colon on each end.

  6. H Says:

    It doesn’t feel like a Thursday without Answer Me This!

  7. Steve Hoffacker Says:

    Helen – I hope you feel better soon

  8. Molly Says:

    Hope you feel better! Drink plenty of fluids.

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