erotic bargains



We usually enjoy listeners’ gushing emails in private, but we decided to share this one from John because he is kindly offering to make YOU gush from your privates*:

I wanted to say thanks for the amazing podcasts that you’re putting out, every time I listen to one there’s tears of laughter and sometimes shame.

And as I don’t think you get enough gratitude for this I thought why not give you 10% discount in my store. Feel free to let your listeners know as well (open to UK customers only).

All you need to do is go shopping at [LINK NSFW OBVIOUSLY] and enter the code podcast1 in the gift voucher section upon checkout. Easy.

There’s a selection of thousands of sex toys; I am sure you could find something to suit.

As well as all of this they’re all delivered extra discreetly so no one has any idea what’s inside.

Which is perfect, as it’s only 84 shopping days till Christmas!


NB: This is not a paid endorsement, just an AMT listener offering wares.

One Response to “erotic bargains”

  1. Darcy Says:

    The code is podcast1? How many other podcasts has he sent the offer to? I would have expected a true fan to pick a code that had something to with Martin’s balls. 🙂

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