cunting for cunts



Here’s a frosty email regarding AMT271 from long-term listener Magnum from Edinburgh:

Dear Helen, please learn to distinguish between scouting for girls and bowling for soup. I know it’s probably just a case of them both having the word for in the name and you were racking your brain to think of the correct band. But you don’t want to upset the BFS army. That way madness lies.

Perish the thought I’d upset the Souperheroes or whatever they call themselves! Don’t worry, Magnum, I didn’t confuse their music any more than I’d confuse a shrug and a wince. It was, as you suspected, a linguistic switcheroo, so henceforth I will refer to both bands, as well as any others using that name formula, as [Gerund] For [Irrelevant Noun].

Bowling for Girls

Bowling for Girls

Scouting for Soup

Scouting for Soup


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One Response to “cunting for cunts”

  1. Joe in Seattle Says:

    Hey, Magnum, I can understand your frustration; Bowling for Soup looks considerably less rape-y than scouting for girls in the pictures above.

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