I’m looking for a question that was as far as possible from the unpleasantness of the previous post. This question from Scott from Utah, living in Taiwan, does the job:

I’m not a huge fan of bananas, but they work well with my stomach (I have ulcerative colitis).

I’ve been buying them a lot lately and can’t seem to pick a good batch that will last me a week. They’ll either be too green, too ripe, too bruised, etc. Refrigerating them doesn’t keep them fresh, and nothing else seems to work either.

Answer me this: how does a person know which bananas to pick from the store and how in the world do you keep them fresh?? If there are any foolproof tips, please let me know because google hasn’t helped me.

PHEW. Nothing terrifying there. Readers: banana tips for Scott! Go!


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4 Responses to “bananas”

  1. SoRefined Says:

    You can totally refrigerate bananas, but do it after they have ripened. The peels will look like only-for-banana-bread sadness, but the inside should be fine for at least a week after you’ve tossed them in the crisper.

  2. birgitte Says:

    I have it from the internet ( that separating bananas from each other make them last longer. Never tried it myself, but maybe you could make a controlled experiment and report back?

  3. Darcy Says:

    Unless strangers are doing unpleasant things with your bananas at night, they should survive a week just fine.

  4. Finlay Says:

    You shouldn’t refrigerate them. Buy the greenest you can find, and they will last longer. You could buy two bananas that are yellow (for today and tomorrow) and five that are green and hopefully that should last you a week.

    I live in Japan and unfortunately they never put out green ones here 😦 I don’t know if it’s the same in Taiwan. The one thing that may stop you being successful is really high temperatures – and basically I always find that I can’t make them last a week and I end up buying them twice a week (I actually just went into a convenience store and bought only bananas).

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