Frankenstein’s moniker




Rachel has written in with some feedback upon an episode from three years ago, and an injustice we suffered more than nine years ago:

I just finished watching the 1931 movie Frankenstein starring the magnificent Boris Karloff and I noticed something odd about the mad scientist… his name was Henry Frankenstein, not Victor!

I vaguely recalled you mentioning something in a previous episode about losing money in a pub quiz machine because you selected the wrong name for the mad scientist. I was curious to know if the ‘correct’ name on the quiz machine you had was Henry and after a quick search of your website, I found that in episode 149 (with Ian Collins!) you guys said the correct name according to the quiz machine was in fact Henry and that you lost seven pounds!

It’s really weird that your quiz machine targeted such a specific Frankenstein but you guys definitely could have gotten your money back on that one. Just thought you guys would like to know that quiz machine wasn’t totally full of bullshit!

PS The 1931 Frankenstein is an absolutely fantastic movie and was one of the first major ‘talkies’. I definitely recommend watching it sometime!

It must be absolutely fantastic if it has caused the quiz machine to obliterate its knowledge of the CORRECT NAME IN ALL THE OTHER VERSIONS OF FRANKENSTEIN INCLUDING, MOST CRITICALLY, THE SOURCE MATERIAL.

No, we’re still not over it.


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