Jason, 28, from Seattle has observed the example of Paul Daniels and wisely exercised more caution:

Recently I’ve become a member of a choir that gives several performances over the year. In the very beginning of our first rehearsal series, I began flirting with a girl from across the room during rehearsals. After a few weeks of this, I finally got the courage to speak to her one night.

We casually chatted about rehearsal, and other random things, until I eventually I asked what she did for a living. She told me she was between jobs. I thought nothing of this, since she seemed pretty well put together, probably in college, and assumed her life was just in transition at the moment. We really only had a minute or two to chat, so we didn’t get into many more details about one another. I was feeling very good about myself, and excited to see her the next week.

During the week however, through some social media investigations, I discovered that this girl is actually still in high school, and 16 years old! I had assumed she was in college, which explained her flakey job answer, and knew she was younger by maybe 5-6 years, but definitely not that young!

I know this girl is off limits and don’t wish to pursue anything further. But my flirting before finding out this information has put me in an awkward situation. I really can’t quit this choir and I now have to attend these rehearsals with her still giving me the flirty eye! Looking back, she was clearly making an attempt to hide her age from me, so I’m not entirely sure how to act around her now.

What do I do?! Should I just pretend it never happened and move on, or let her down easy? Can you think of any other options?

Yes, pretend it never happened! What’s the problem? Avoid one-on-one conversations with her and just style it out. You say you spoke to her for only a minute or two, so you hardly committed yourself there. And she’s sixteen. She’ll get over it, if she was ever even under it.


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  1. Darcy Says:

    There’s also Abba’s “Does Your Mother Know [That You’re Out]”. I can’t claim to be a master of the modern heart-throb/boy-band oeuvre, but do we still get these “please don’t make me a paedo!” songs? I’d imagine the marketing people wouldn’t let them tell half their audience to fuck off anymore.

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