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Naomi from Birmingham is one of a multitude of people asking us the following question this week:

With the birth of bonny Prince George, I was wondering if there are any contingencies in place for the eventuality that a future monarch is born with a learning disability of some kind? Also what about developmental disabilities such as autism?

I work with children with learning difficulties and am all for inclusivity and accessibility, but I have been wondering what actions and plans would be taken if this were the case?

Historically, if a monarch has been deemed incapable of ruling, they will be subbed by their regent, the next in line to the throne. So if – heaven forfend! – anything happened to our glorious majesty, Prince Charles would step in. (And just imagine the suspiciously fragrant smoke that would subsequently stream out of the bathroom window at Buckingham Palace.)


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4 Responses to “monarchy contingency plans”

  1. SoRefined Says:

    I am not British and not an expert on this matter, but I think maybe you meant Prince Harry, not Prince Charles.

    • Helen Zaltzman Says:

      I definitely didn’t – Harry is now fourth in line to the throne, ie no chance

      • SoRefined Says:

        I don’t think I understand the question posed then. If a situation rose where the newly minted George was in a position that a regent was necessary, wouldn’t the current Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William all be… permanently indisposed?

        • Helen Zaltzman Says:

          I assumed Naomi meant a theoretical situation whereby if the current monarch were to die and their immediate successor was not really capable of reigning, they would be subbed by a regent. Obviously at the moment, there are plenty of backup options.

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