nuts about Nutella



Last week, we spoke upon the act of judging one’s neighbours by the contents of their recycling bins. This week, Hattie‘s recycling-judgement-capacity has been completely scrambled by her neighbours:

I recently noticed one of my neighbours had an entire glass recycling box FULL of empty Nutella jars. I had to walk past twice to make sure I wasn’t imagining things…but yes – the box was entirely crammed with empty pots.

So, please answer me this – how on earth can someone eat so much nutty spread? Or, alternatively, what are they doing with it?


Exhibit A: a LOT of Nutella jars

Exhibit A: a LOT of Nutella jars

My hunch is that they were making a giant Ferrero Rocher. It’s the only reasonable explanation…OR IS IT? Readers, go to the comments to offer your own hypotheses for the profusion of Nutella. Someone was getting rid of their late grandmother’s lifetime collection of Nutella jars? They bath in it? They’re using it to regrout the bathroom? The floor is yours.


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10 Responses to “nuts about Nutella”

  1. Chris Says:

    Promo staff almost always end up stealling a lot of stock that they were meant to use for the promotion. I would steal it. Wouldn’t you?

  2. Todd Porter Says:

    What? Like all of you couldn’t polish off 50 Nutella jars in a sitting….

  3. Ashfae Says:

    Baking? Maybe they baked a lot of cannolinininininis (whatever) for an event and used nutella for filling.

  4. Tall Ken Says:

    How does this work with the sex games? Do you put the nutella in a frosting sleeve and pipe it into the vagina? It seems like it would be a lot of work getting it back out again. A man would need to have a tongue like a horse.

    • Sam Says:

      Sex games? Use your imagination 😉 A frosting sleeve (presumably that is a piping bag?) is another fetish altogether!

  5. Darcy Says:

    You have Costco in the UK, right? This looks like a rookie Costco shopper mistake to me.

    (When Costco first came to town, we consumed so much Brie my roommate’s period was two weeks late.)

  6. Emily Says:

    the owner of the jars could work for a shop and have been given (or taken) a whole batch of out-of-date nutella jars… its the only reason i can think off for not polishing them off completely

  7. Marie Murray Says:

    They have had a crepe stall at a Summer Fayre or similar. Or they have had a sex game ( with many of their friends)

  8. Sam Says:

    I agree it must be for a single-use project of some kind because it looks like all the jars were bought at the same sort of time, not emptied particularly thoroughly (the glass is still coated heavily with Nutella from what I can see) so they’ve not bothered even rinsing them, or leaving the lids off (so thought really has not gone into this).

    I think we should add in the possibility of a Nutella-based sex game.

  9. jack poupart Says:

    As a dickhead who recently ate a jar of nutella with nothing but a spoon the other day, I find this outrageous! It’s obviously for sexy games. You sir, are a prude!

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