Two legs good. Four legs bad. Three legs…not sure



Here’s Joe in Seattle again, but this time with a problem pertaining not to girls or ice cream cones. He writes:

I am trying to find a new home for a fluffy, three-legged cat that I have developed an allergy to. Answer me this: do you think three legs is a selling point for a cat? Or should I leave that detail out of the description of this cat I’m trying to get rid of?

That’s a tricky one. It might make some people feel sorry for the cat and therefore more obligated to take it on. On the other hand, responsibility for a cat with special needs might seem too much work to a potential cat-buyer.

One thing’s for sure, though: if you do leave out the detail the cat is lacking one leg, it seems deceitful. Yes, even if you supply a prosthetic leg along with the cat. The cat-buyer, upon discovering the absence of leg no.4, would be bound to feel vexed that you’d sold them an animal without the full complement of limbs – perhaps because they’re sticklers physical perfection, have OCD about odd numbers, or become furious when they feel they’ve been short-changed, eg when they buy a tube of Pringles and only later discover that someone ate the top two inches of the stack then replaced the tube on the supermarket shelf.

Anyway, listeners, what do you think Joe should do about his tripod cat? Limp to the comments to help him.


2 Responses to “Two legs good. Four legs bad. Three legs…not sure”

  1. Mark Locker (@mtlocker) Says:

    People sell cats? Who would take a cat for anything but free?

  2. Rin Says:

    My friend adopted a three legged cat. I think it isn’t a detail to leave out.

    We live in a world right now where animals with subtle deformities are coveted. Everyone wants the next “Grumpy Cat” you can sell it as “Gimpy Cat”. Although… I don’t believe you should profit from the sale of an animal…. if you are looking to give it to a good home just give it away.

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