For Misuse Only



Here’s a question of national – nay international! – importance from Will from Ipswich:

Ok, so I recently learned that one can purchase a packet of 100 stickers which read “For rectal use only” from the internet fairly cheaply.

Obviously I bought a pack.

Now, answer me this! Where would you stick these stickers?? I was thinking the kitchen utensil aisle at Tesco?

Readers, go to the comments straightaway to deliver your suggestions. I’m sure you have some very satirical ideas.

This seems to me to belong in the same chapter of the Prank Lexicon as a jape committed by a schoolfriend (whose brother, coincidence fans, shared a room with Olly at boarding school! small world etc etc). He collected Professional Lady Cards from phoneboxes, then went down to the Sevenoaks branch of Tesco and hid them inside ice cream cartons.

Of course nowadays this would cause a tabloid OUTRAGE and Tesco would have to decontaminate each of its branches and incinerate all the ice cream; but it was the mid-90s, so nobody cared.

Anyway, please endeavour not to stick funny stickers anywhere that could endanger health, and especially not anywhere that will later ruin someone’s special treat of pie a la mode.


One Response to “For Misuse Only”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Ask any doctor. There’s appropriately (and inappropriately) shaped fruits and veg, light bulbs, garden gnomes, etc. And don’t forget the hamsters.

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