Bond inconsistencies



James (not Bond) in Porthcawl has noticed a flaw in the otherwise absolutely true to life Skyfall:

Whilst Skyfall is a great film in many respects, there is one element that troubles me.

There is a section in the film where Daniel Craig’s Bond is reunited with the iconic Aston Martin DB5.
Not just any DB5, but the actual gadget- and gun-laden DB5 used by Sean Connery’s Bond in
Goldfinger, which was last seen being crashed into a wall in 1964.

It’s made clear in Skyfall that this car is in the personal possession of Bond, apparently in full working order including ammunition, stored away for when it’s needed.

So answer me this: how the naked arse does Craig’s Bond have this vehicle? No explanation is offered in the film. Are we to assume that Craig’s Bond is the same Bond who carried out the Goldfinger mission? Without time travel there seems to be no way for the car to have passed ownership from one Bond to another in this way.

Please help me resolve this as it’s making my head hurt.

You’re watching a film based on a character who’s been portrayed over half a century by seven actors with completely different faces/voices/heights/hair, who mixes only with stupidly-named women, is the least discreet spy of all time, has myriad emotional problems that the viewer is expected to overlook, who never does his paperwork properly, and would be well into his eighties or even nineties if time was running as it should – and THIS is your problem?

Stop trying to apply logic to the Bond universe and have a lie down.



7 Responses to “Bond inconsistencies”

  1. Robin Says:

    The Daniel Craig movies are explicitly prequels, taking place at the beginning of the Bond narrative

  2. Clare Says:

    I think one just has to go along with the internal (non)logic of the Bond universe and not worry too much about it. The temporal issues with Daniel Craig’s Bond go right back to Casino Royale. If the film makers had treated it as a total “reboot” of the franchise and recast everyone along with Bond things might not have got so weird, but the decision to keep Judy Dench as M creates problems right from the start: how can Bond be just getting his “double O” status at the beginning of that film when she’s worked with him as 007 on several missions already?
    As Andrew says, the theory that “James Bond” is just a codename makes (kind of) sense of everything, but Mendes had to take even that flimsy brain crutch from us…

  3. Kofi Says:

    As I’m sure you all really know, especially you Londoners, the biggest problem with this film was the “Wimbledon” train that he jumps onto the back of. Granted, both Temple and Embankment are on the District Line – but that’s a f****ing Jubilee Line train!! I suspect that both stations were actually Charing Cross Jubilee platforms. Can’t tell your 96 stock from your D stock Helen? Shameful.

  4. Clare Says:


  5. Josh Says:

    What f James Bond is actually a time lord so technically it’s still the original bond?

  6. Clare Says:

    He only just met Miss Moneypenny in this one, so Skyfall’s narrative has to take place before Goldfinger’s. How that is possible, I wouldn’t stretch my brain out of shape worrying about, except to know that time travel has now been 100% proven real.

  7. Andrew from Southampton Says:

    I always liked the theory that the different Bonds were in fact completely different people and ‘James Bond’ was just a codename assigned to them by MI6. That explains their different appearances and personalities, as well as why he doesn’t seem to age. Sadly, Skyfall ruins that by showing that his parents were called Bond, so presumably they’re all meant to be the same, immortal person.

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