Here’s a question of ticks from Tammi from Blackburg, Virginia:

I recently found a deer tick attached to my earlobe. It hurt for days after I removed it! I starting talking with my hubbie and he said he once found one in his belly button and it itched for months!

So where are the most unusual places y’all have found ticks before?

On my dog’s neck. Other than that…um…well, we three all live in London, not a very tick-heavy place. But readers – some of you must live in the humid sandy deer-populated lands which ticks favour. Go to the comments to delight Tammi with your tick stories. Tell you what: we’ll open this out to any other parasites. Emotionally draining humans DO count.


3 Responses to “ticks”

  1. Guy Says:

    A friend of mine got one on the end of his penis on a school trip to box hill. We convinced him it was an STD. The school nurse decided to lecture us on what it actually was to stop us teasing him, but only made it worse.

  2. Dani Says:

    I found a tick on my dogs lady parts! Resulted in an Interesting trip to the vets!

  3. chrstphr Says:

    “a big tick in the box” takes on a whole new meaning…

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