That’s Asda cacophony



In AMT235 we spoke of jobs none of us has experienced. But, being such a diverse bunch, you listeners have. Jess from Dorset writes:

In regards to your recent question about Asda FM: I work there and they repeat the music ALL DAY LONG and play the same adverts over and over again. Absolutely terrible and definitely for the customers not the staff!!!!!

I always had my suspicions that somebody has been developing a noise equivalent of chemical weaponry. Now I know.

Anyway, as for jobs outside of the retail sector, Elizabeth from Madison, Wisconsin informs us:

I can say that people going to the South Pole are definitely encouraged (one might say forced) to make sure that their teeth are in top shape before going there.

My husband is a physicist whose experiment is at the South Pole (IceCube Neutrino Observatory if you are interested) and in order to go there for a month one winter they made him get his remaining wisdom teeth out as a precautionary measure because they thought that one might have a cavity.

He was not keen on getting them out, but his desire to go to the frozen south was such that he did it anyway and brought me back a lot of pictures of snow.

I love the show, and listened to you while dissecting over 200 squid yesterday.

Thanks Elizabeth – we hope that was a work thing, rather than a nice day out to the aquarium that you decided to sabotage.


One Response to “That’s Asda cacophony”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    It was indeed for work, but should the aquarium ever need my services I am at the ready!

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