Uh wella wella wella uh – Leon from Portsmouth is having the time of his life, and he’s never felt this way before:

I’m forty in a month’s time, and I’ve found myself becoming increasingly nostalgic. This is less of a worry than I first feared. I’m actually embracing it, but I am displaying some O.C.D. tendencies.

I downloaded the entire Bond catalogue the other night, stopped wearing my quirky flat-cap (on a rakish angle), have little desire for liaisons with younger females, and yearn for a quieter life.

This could mean – GAME OVER!

I do think about my earlier days of courting, and after a discussion with fellows of the same age, we realised that we ALL had to endure a selection of films (with prospective girlfriends).
We are agreed on the top three (in no particular order):

An Officer and a Gentleman
Dirty Dancing

So… Olly, answer me this:

What girly movies did you have to tolerate, for the possibility of touching a lady bits?

Hang on just one minute, Leon – firstly, those are Olly’s favourite films. Any lady who wants to get with him needs to resign herself to a triple bill.

Secondly, I am a lady and have never forced anybody to sit through those films with me! In fact I haven’t even seen one of them. SO THERE. (My top three would be Heathers, Clueless and Strictly Ballroom, if you insist.)

Readers, go to the comments and list the films you have endured in pursuit of romance. It’s not just men putting up with it, you know – I’ve sat through Aliens more times than I care to remember. Fuck off, Newt. Just fuck off.


2 Responses to “LoveFilm”

  1. Darcy Says:

    How odd. That final scene from An Officer and a Gentleman isn’t anything like its lore. It’s a great romantic cliché now, but the real thing is just comical. He fairly minces in in an ill-fitting uniform, then picks her up so violently I thought he was going to throw her across the room.

    And don’t think that we didn’t notice the blonde coworker who in a matter of 15 seconds goes from being all pissed off to cheering and clapping. Mood swings, anyone? The reason the scene ends on a freeze-frame is because miss pissy’s mood changed again and she gunned them both down.

  2. Ashfae Says:

    The Evil Dead trilogy. Given that horror movies give me nightmares, this was a stupid, stupid move on my part. Well, Army of Darkness was totally worth it. Least something was, because watching them still didn’t get me anywhere with the boy, sigh.

    The movies I later forced my boyfriend to watch were Yellow Submarine, the Muppet Movie, and Don Juan de Marco. Wonder what that says about me?

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