nark of naughtiness



Poor old B from Montreal is complicit in a right pickle:

I have a bit of a situation right now. I recently moved into uni with a girl I graduated with. When we graduated we weren’t that close, we were just acquaintances; now that we live five doors away from one another we have become really close and that’ss all well and good!

The only problem is that she has a boyfriend (who graduated with us, and is also my friend) who lives quite far away and I know something about him that she doesn’t know. Before we graduated they were dating and he cheated on her several times and never told her! All her friends knew but no one ever told her because no one was ever close enough to her to tell her.

So basically they are still dating now and she is going to visit him in the US pretty soon and she doesn’t know. We keep getting closer as friends and she keeps telling me about him and how he is so good to her and how he never cheated!!! I feel as if I am keeping something from her and even though it’s not my secret to tell I feel like she should know (because he also cheated on her recently).

So answer me this: should I tell her about her cheating boyfriend and risk him not being my friend anymore and risk her getting hurt, or just shut up and forget about the looming guilt that this secret is crippling me with?

Since this sounds like one of those situations where no outcome is likely to be happy for all three of you, I’m taking the coward’s way out and deferring to you readers. Go to the comments and advise B, because B has a pained conscience even though his infidel friend does not.


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4 Responses to “nark of naughtiness”

  1. lindamp Says:

    Nobody told my brother and he married the bitch. She left him for another man very soon afterwards and all his friends said they knew she’d been cheating on him before they got married.

    Do what Ash says, but you must follow through if he doesn’t come clean. She won’t thank you at the time, but she needs to know.

  2. Ash Says:

    Man, no one’s going to win here. That sucks. On one hand she deserves the truth, on the other hand if you tell her then it’s hard to imagine her not blaming the messenger, as happens.

    I think I’d talk to her schmuck of a boyfriend and tell him that if he doesn’t come clean and admit the truth, you will. See what he does.

  3. Sam Says:

    Why would she boast about his never having cheated on her? Isn’t that the norm?

    That tells me she suspects the truth already, and is possibly fishing for answers from the questioneer, knowing that he wouldn’t volunteer it unless asked. Put the poor girl out of her misery.

  4. Big indy Says:

    Say nothing!

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