Haribo mystery



Here is another confectionery question, from Lottie in Cardiff:

For months now this is a question that has been bothering me profoundly.

We all love Haribo, kids and grown ups alike. It says so in the song. And as is tradition with jelly-type sweets of the Haribo kind, they often come in the shape of something, eg a heart, a Coke bottle, cherries etc.

But there is always one in the bag that I just can’t fathom as to what it is:

Some of my friends agree with me in my bemusement, while others seem to think it’s a baby’s dummy. But what sort of freaking dummy looks like that?!

What kind of heart, Lottie, is made of red and white gunk? What kind of bear is translucent and green? One must suspend some disbelief when eating sweets. However if you crave realism coated in citric acid, then reconcile yourself to the contentious curiosity being a jelly rendering of one of the following:

1. a key
2. an ankh
3. the little plastic thing you blow bubbles through
4. a blackhead remover
5. a noose
6. a magnifying glass
7. an absinthe spoon.

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5 Responses to “Haribo mystery”

  1. Ollie Says:

    So you put the long part through the hole and u have a pacifier

  2. Ollie Says:

    So you put the long part through the hole and u have a pacifier

  3. Lasse Says:

    It’s a pacifier/dummy, whatever you call the thing babies suck on. Or at least that’s what they’re called on their packaging in German (Haribo is German) as well as in Scandinavian countries.

  4. erg Says:

    Bottle Opener!!

  5. jazmine Says:

    There called haribo suckers and are basically dummys more like American pacifiers just so you know.

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