Readers, here is a question for you to chew on from David from Whitstable:

I love Pick’n’Mix. It is ace. My bag/tub always contains white mice, fizzy cola bottles, those prawn things, those white buttons with hundreds and thousands. Maybe a jelly snake.

Answer me this: What is your strategy at Pick’n’Mix? Do you go for variety, or quantity? Or do you always get the same ones?

Well obviously variety rather than a large quantity of one thing, which one could buy elsewhere for less money. But with experience, one learns not to dally with the rubbish ones – the coconut mushrooms, the rum balls, the fudge which is invariably disappointing. One hones one’s selection, and also cannily avoids the heavy ones, though personally I’ll make an exception for the chocolate Brazils.

Since Olly has already elaborated upon his tactics in the AMT book, it’s up to you to go to the comments and enlighten David upon your own Pick’n’Mixing strategy.


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5 Responses to “Pick’n’Mix”

  1. Katiekatiekatie Says:

    We used to have pick and mixes here in the US (albeit by a different name) but it’s since gone to shitcans because obviously people will poison an open container of foodstuffs and/or people won’t buy a candy that someone else had a chance at touching. Wrap it in plastic or it can’t possibly serve as accoutrement to my Big Gulp soda!

  2. Matt Says:

    Just to add to Tori’s ”art of pick ‘n’ mixing” opus, you will usually find that the cups supplied at the cup-based pick ’n’ mixes have about a centimetre indent/lip at their base. If you press this down from the inside to make it flush with the bottom of the cup you can cram get at least half a dozen more sweets in.

    Several years ago my friends and I used to buy pick and mix but weigh it only when 3/4s full or so, then fill it up so we only paid for 3/4s of the sweets. This worked until they started reweighing them at the checkout and our plot was foiled!

  3. Tori Says:

    Pick’n’mix is a very serious business. Since the age of three I have been perfecting the art of the perfect bag/tub of sweets. Now, woolies was always the best place to buy sweets, since that is no more i recommend Wilkinsons, where can can pay by tub size rather than weight. My strategy is this: bulky sweets at the bottom of the tub (fat fizzy cherries), then work your way up, lining the sides of the cup with flattish sweets (smiley faces, or those chocolate buttons with the hundreds and thousands if you are that way inclined). This way you are maximising on space, and can fit more lovely sweets in. When you get to the top of the cup- DON’T STOP! keep on piling until you have a decent dome of sweets. You can either use the lid of the tub to ram the sweets in, or alternatively just balance the lid of the cup on top. Make sure you have a good selection of sweets- fizzy, jelly, boiled, foamy etc etc, and also chocolate and fudge- if you buy by the tub then you can max out on the heavy stuff!! Once home it is advisable to transfer the sweets into another recpticle in order to enjoy picking and mixing, otherwise you have to work through the layers which can become arduous. Enjoy!!!!

  4. Simon Says:

    Avoid anything fizzy apart from colas and cherries, avoid any solid chocolates as they are always dodgy, as stated above the fudge is more often than not not worth its weight. Cables, especially strawberry and apple are always a favourite of mine, despite their weight, also due to the fact that it’s impossible to get them anywhere els other than pick ‘n’ mixes. Millions or similar sweets are always worthwhile due to their relative low weight and flavour combination potential.

    However, the most important factor is the location of purchase. Personally I only go for them in dedicated sweet shops, avoiding those in supermarkets, cinemas, garages etc. as they typically are more expensive and of an inferior quality.

  5. jess Says:

    Pick ‘n’ mix is a danger – if you’re not careful, you end up with a tub of mildly fizzy white chocolate things. Nasty. So I tend to avoid the fizzy stuff – I go for Foamy Bananas, a few not-quite-smarties, Shrimps, white mice,those foamy peach things, a few of the white jelly babies, then i jam in as many cables and jelly snakes as I can fit in the cup.

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