how to keep a dog out of your flaps



A canine question now from Stevie from Edinburgh:

I have a fantastic dog called Shaun. He is great company, comes out with me to work, goes to the pub with me, and everyone loves him. Except the postman. He can hear when the postman arrives at our flat, and springs into action. He then goes absolutely crazy when the post arrives, even putting his head through the cat flap and barking in to the close (Scottish for stairway), which echoes loudly and most likely annoys my neighbours.

Helen & Olly, answer me this, how can I get him to stop this? It is highly annoying on a Saturday morning after a night out. I can’t shut the cat flap, the cat needs to use it.

Maybe you could install one of those catflaps which only opens for cats wearing a special collar. Or, to address the other side of the problem, get a PO Box.

Alternatively, all you Barbara Woodhouses reading this could advise Stevie in the comments as to how to reprogram his dog.



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2 Responses to “how to keep a dog out of your flaps”

  1. Nick from Colorado but currently in Michigan Says:

    Most dogs are food driven, which is probably why I get along with them so well. Supply the postman with a small bag of treats for Shaun, and soon your dog will look forward to the arrival of the mail. Once the fear is gone, it will be easier to curb the negative behavior.

  2. Martin Says:

    It’s amazing how many dog owners are completely oblivious to the fact that their dog is a pain in the arse. Oh, don’t worry, his snarling is just a sign of affection. Oh, isn’t it cute how he put his muddy paws all over your nice clothes. No, he didn’t do a big steaming turd in the play park when my back was conveniently turned. At least Stevie has the noticed that his dog is not perfect when it comes to the postman, so he’s above 99% of dog owners in my opinion. I think Stevie needs to either become all alpha male and very firmly discipline the dog when it barks at the postman. If that doesn’t work at first, you aren’t being firm enough. Go to about the level that would cause a sharp intake of breath by an RSPCA officer, and if that still doesn’t work, there’s always the option of moving to the middle of nowhere, away from other humans, and resigning yourself to the fact that your inappropriate choice of pet has ruined your social life.

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