rusty sweat



Demetrios has been in touch with a pH-interesting response to AMT220:

In reference to Rory Gallagher’s guitar and the question of rusting sweat, there is a phenomenon of people whose sweat is particularly rust-inducing. They are called, creatively, “Rusters”, and though I am not one, I know of some Rusters who can’t safely handle metal, because the surface of whatever they’re holding will actually begin to oxidize slightly if held long enough.

I have not researched this before, but a brief Google search yields two articles from 1979 in the Acta Dermato-Venereologica which test and confirm a subtle degree of corrosion in low-copper metals from palmar sweat. Certainly, the effect is weak, and does not necessarily translate to corrosion of guitar-surface lacquer, the chemistry of which I don’t know.

Personally, I think that the power to very, very slowly degrade metal is a lame mutant power, and should be the basis for a super team called “The Corroders”.

Well the craze for superhero films is showing few signs of waning, so readers, go to the comments, write the plot summary for the first installment of the potential Corroders franchise, and we’ll send out a pitch to the Weinsteins.


2 Responses to “rusty sweat”

  1. Matt Davis Says:

    Slightly darker…

  2. Scott Mitchell Says:

    Dr Copper has dedicated his life to metal, and, when it starts to discolour slightly in his hands, his life is ruined. The story hits the press and (without invitation) he is sent letters by six other people with a similar problem. He brings them to his conveniently secretive Mansion in the New Hampshire countryside to discuss they’re abilities. As they’re discussing what good they can do with their newfound powers, one of Dr Copper’s experimental ‘metal-men’ breaks loose and runs havock. Only Copper’s team, the Corroders, can slow down his rampage, slightly.

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