Live with…Olly’s cat Coco



Last week, Olly bemoaned the apparent bias towards the faces of ordinary boring children in the photoframe on the desk on Channel 5’s Live With…. And when Olly Mann bemoans, the world sits up with a start and pays attention! We were thrilled and astonished to receive the following email from The Live With… Team:

Thanks so much for mentioning Channel 5’s “Live with….” on the podcast last week.

Unfortunately you’re wrong that we only have babies as our face in the frame – we’ve had men and women of all ages, and a number of dogs. But we have never had a cat – so if you’d like to send us a photo of Coco, we’d be delighted for her to be the first.


We’ll find out which day you need to tune in to Live With… Fern Britton later this week to see the inaugural cat-in-the-frame moment.


2 Responses to “Live with…Olly’s cat Coco”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Olly’s pussy is going to be famous!

    (And a pair of knickers if you please, Mrs. Slocombe.)

  2. Anne Says:

    Best. Anything. Ever.

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