bouncy wedding



Wedding planning! So fraught. What if the band doesn’t match the chair-bows? Who has to sit next to racist Aunty Denise? And now Ross faces a problem that Queen Victoria didn’t have to consider prior to her nuptuals. He says:

I’m getting married in December and my girlfriend (we don’t use the ‘f’ word) and I both want quite a relaxed, non-traditional wedding that’s fun for us and our friends. However, I think some of her plans might have gone too far that route so please answer me this: should I let her book the bouncy castle that she wants for our reception?

I’m firmly in the ‘no’ camp because the men will be in suits, the women in dresses, they’ll all be hammered and I don’t want to have to clear vomit off a bouncy castle.

Also it’ll be December, and anyone who has ever bounced on a bouncy castle covered in rain and icicles knows THAT IS WHEN BROKEN NECKS HAPPEN.

Now, I’m all in favour of fun at weddings – everyone at mine thought that sitting mock Maths A-Level papers between the dinner and the dancing was a neat idea! – but I agree with Ross’s qualms about how this might not be the optimal type of fun. For a bunch of adults. Formally dressed. Who have been drinking for six hours already.

Instead I’d recommend diverting the bouncy castle funds towards the cheeseboard. The cheeseboard at my wedding was EPIC. Ask anybody who was there (apart from the two vegans).

In the interests of democracy, however, I invite you readers to vote:


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5 Responses to “bouncy wedding”

  1. Martin Says:

    This is so unfair. Why would you force someone to choose between a bouncy castle and cheese. Clearly the answer is both.

    I have been to some great college balls in my younger days, and there was invariably a bouncy castle. Yes, clothes get torn. Yes, people get knocked out. Yes, broken arms do happen (but not necks – that’s wild hyperbole Helen). But it costs less than £100, and how many people came away with a massive smile on their face? Answer – all of them.

    And these days, who says “I really remember Ross’s wedding because he had some novelty bubbles on the table, and delightful sugared almonds”. No-one does. But everyone will remember Ross’s wedding where they had a great time on the bouncy castle, and still have the scar to prove it.

  2. Moz Says:

    I voted Cheese. Because….well…i like cheese!

    BUT….we are also having a bouncy castle (AND ‘assault course!’) for our wedding. It is also a ‘non traditional’ affair, where we are going for a summer fete/festival ‘vibe’. With a barn. It keeps the wee uns (and overexcitable roller derby girls) quiet. 🙂

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