vomitous vocabulary



Here’s a carefully-worded question from Jill from Atlanta, Georgia:

My granny hates the word “guts”. When I used to say it in front of her she screwed up her face into a big frown and made a groan of displeasure. I was surprised that hearing the simple word “guts” would produce such a strong reaction in anyone.

Helen, please answer me this: what words, if any, gross you out like “guts” grosses out my granny?

Sit down, Jill; this is going to take AGES. ‘Thang’. ‘Peeps’ (as slang for ‘people’, not the third person singular form of the verb ‘to peep’). ‘Slither’ when someone means ‘slither’. ‘Trendy’. ‘On trend’, for being just as bad as ‘trendy’ but with pretensions of seriousness. ‘Narnia’. I’m going to have to stop here as all these are inciting a visceral reaction of horror; but readers, head for the comments and bravely tell us the words that make you swallow back the brain-bile.


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8 Responses to “vomitous vocabulary”

  1. Cat Says:

    “pacifically” instead of “specifically”. I find it so difficult not to correct people who say this, I feel like I’m fighting tourettes.

  2. Jenne Says:

    “Hubby”. Do people say this in Britain?? So gross.

  3. Charlie Says:


  4. Carrie Says:

    Preggers. Hate both the sound of the word and the further infantilization of pregnant women.

  5. Iva Bonaire Says:

    Flange …

  6. Jez Says:

    My friend Lisa hates the words “Flap”…. no idea why and neither has she, but you can be sure we slipped it in whenever possible.. AMT Helen.. Is that workplace bullying?

  7. Martin Says:


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