The AMT Jubilee


Just two days after release, The Answer Me This! Jubilee is TOP 20 in the iTunes album chart!* So thankyou very much indeed to everybody who has bought it already; and if you feel moved to do the same, click here to buy it off iTunes. UPDATE: it’s now available on Amazon too, and even better, at our own AMT Store.

In return for your £2.49 outlay (or equivalent in your native currency), you receive 57 minutes and 55 seconds of all-new Answer Me This!, themed around Her Maj’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee.

Amongst the many questions royally addressed are:

Could the Queen get away with murder?
What’s the deal with all those 21-gun salutes?
Does the Queen have a mobile phone?
Are you really supposed to pronounce ‘regina’ like ‘vagina’?
Who has seen the Queen’s tits?
Where can I run into Prince Philip on an average day?
What’s the point of the monarchy, anyway?
And what the bloody hell is going on with those nearly nude guys in the Danish monarchy’s coat of arms?

We hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, blame Prince Andrew, like everybody else does.

*Information correct at time of writing. At time of reading, it might have dropped so far out of the iTunes chart that it is outside by the recycling bins.

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18 Responses to “The AMT Jubilee”

  1. Justin Loh Says:

    Lifted it from the Singapore iTunes store for an equitable five Singapore dollars.

    I couldn’t care less about the royals but I’ve listened to nearly all of the free episodes so this is my way of giving back to a community that i’ve taken so much from.

    • Helen Zaltzman Says:

      And for that we thank you very profusely, Justin! Hope you enjoy it – I too have absolutely NO interest in the royals, and yet for some reason it always works out when we talk about them on AMT. Perplexing.

  2. Helen Zaltzman Says:

    It’s a little too late to be topical, but the AMT Jubilee is finally available on Amazon:

  3. Katie Says:

    A further pitiful request for a non-iTunes download option. I’ll mail you a cat if needs be.

  4. Stuart Says:

    Another request for a non-iTunes method please, I don’t have anything Apple and I’m really not keen on having to install andset up an account with iTunes

  5. Dave O Says:

    Sorry Helen, I’m guessing Martin will have more sympathy with me than you, BUT my computer’s Linux, and as such Apple hate me. The only way I can buy your album is to wipe my hard drive. Any chance I could just send a cheque to your PO Box?
    I mean, at least your brother and his pseudo yank mate I can throw money at via pay pal.
    Sorry to be a whining arse,
    Dave in Cardiff (who’s wife could’a shagged that bloke on BBC3)

    • Helen Zaltzman Says:

      Hold onto your hard drive; hopefully we’ll have a non-iTunes option soon!

      I hope your wife remains pleased she abstained. If she must cheat, she ought to at least aim for BBC2.

  6. danniiboy Says:

    I would totally buy the album if it weren’t for the fact that the Australian iTunes store has it listed at the obscene conversion of $6.99.

    I don’t mind lining your pockets, but I doubt you would see any of that extra money.

  7. gaijintendo Says:

    Whilst we are having issues with formats, and the like – I am reluctant to line Apple’s pockets too, and installing iTunes on my loom is frightening.

    But the other thing is, what made you decide to go with the Amazon App store rather than the Google one? The account for the Google system is about $50… but at least it wouldn’t be for America only.

    If $50 (or whatever it is) is too much to justify, you can use my account. I am probably never going to release that RPG based on the life of Jet Set Willy.

  8. moz Says:

    Hello! And i hope your holiday is spiffing and….er….good.

    I guess, as its an itunes exclusive, it wont be available for petty people who hold a meaningless grudge and who dont like using itunes……?!?

    ah well. C’est la vie. As the MIGHTY B*Witched once said…..

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