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Here’s the latest entry in our apparently weekly new series, ‘Facebook’s fucking up my family‘. It’s from Dave from Plymouth:

Like most technology savvy 34-year-old men, I have a Facebook page, and like many others side the rise of Twitter, I don’t really bother using it anymore.

However, in the last couple of weeks I’ve had two new friend requests. The first was from my mother and the second was from my 9-year-old daughter.

I’m happy to allow my mum to view my page, as she’s unlikely to be too upset by the occasional swearword or drunken photo which may get posted; on the other hand, I’d like to prevent my daughter from having her wonderful image of me crushed, as well as learning that alcohol and rude words are to be in some way encouraged.

Would I be right in refusing my daughter’s friend request, or am I condemned to a lifetime of intricate security and viewing settings as well as constant censorship of my own Facebook page?

You know you can customise your posts so they only get sent to a selection of your friends, right? Try it, it’s easy! You could even set up a ratings system: PG for those which are suitable for the under-12s, 18 for everyone else.

I’m not sure you’ve fully grasped the peril that approaches from the other direction, however. Are you sure you want to be privy to pictures of your mum falling over drunk, her flirty wall conversations with your friends, or her colourful swearbombs being detonated all over your news feed?


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One Response to “Facebook family”

  1. rob camp Says:

    No offence intended, but how come roughly 50% of questions on the AMT website are concerned with Facebook? Doesn’t anyone have more pressing concerns? Like how many spots, on average, does a leopard have? Or how dry is London dry gin? Or how do I get my now erect penis out of this wine bottle? (I have tried thinking of Margaret Thatcher and Anne Widecombe but to no avail)

    Facebook is not real life. I despise social networking but I would have thought those of you who indulge would value its greatest benefit: you can ignore it. Don’t want to accept a friend request? Don’t. Want to ignore someone? Do it. Want to post naked pictures of your past conquests on your spouse’s page even though you know it will lead to a total meltdown in your life, just because you are bored? Why not!

    Put down your ipad or laptop and spend time with your daughter, and hopefully she will see the virtual world as less exciting than the real one. Then any posts she does make on FB will be about what a great day out she had with her Dad.

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