birthday treats part 1: sugar high



In the spirit of you supplying us with questions upon which to deliberate in each podcast, you have been so kind as to send us all sorts of treats with which to celebrate our fifth birthday. Take a look at the first batch of user-generated bounty we found in our PO Box, and we will share more over the next few days.

When I say ‘share’, I’m sorry to say we won’t literally be sharing them, because they are piled high on the AMT Towers banqueting table and you’ll have to fight the three of us to get any.

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Here are some excerpts of the sweet messages which accompanied the ultra-sweet gifts:

Don from St Paul, Minnesota [figs 1&2]: Please find an assortment of American candies and sweets. I hope you enjoy them as I have enjoyed your sweet, sweet podcast… I included the nut goodies as they are made in my hometown of St Paul, and I drive by the factory every day to and from work. I hope you like peanuts. Remember, they are a good source of protein.
Protein! Healthy! Our new Nut Goodies addiction is healthy, phew. (Lordy, those things are tasty. Well done, St Paul.)

Lofty from Manor House [fig 3]: I thought that as for the last four and a half years (I missed the first six months and listen retrospectively) you have filled my Thursday evening gym session with fun, laughter and knowledge, I would fill your bellies with crisps and snacks!
Seems a fair exchange – our podcast is snack-for-the-brain. IE not nutritious and no replacement for a proper wholesome meal.

Kate from Newcastle upon Tyne [fig 4]: I realise that you might be slightly wary of food sent to you by strangers, and quite right too, but I hope it is of some comfort that I can boast a Level 2 NVQ in Food Hygiene and a rigorous understanding of the Food Standards Agency guidelines. Basically, I’m saying there aren’t any bogeys in them.
This seemed to be the case; so if you would like to buy someone a yummy gift of cute animal heads on sticks, you would do well to hie over to

Moz from Milton Keynes [fig 5]: Thankyou for making these five years a little bit more bearable.
It is our pleasure – nay, our duty! Really, we should be thanking Moz, for being one of the handful of brave souls who have managed to stick with the podcast from its timid Bambi-steps back in 2007.

Duane from Boulder, Colorado [fig 6]: I thought about including sweets more appropriate to Boulder – a town known in the US as “crunchy” – such as carob-covered tofu drops of jellied seaweed.
You get the good stuff in exchange for the great stuff you put in my iPod.

Duane evidently hasn’t yet discovered the jellied seaweed drops we secreted in his iPod, has he?

Hikma from Brooklyn, New York City [fig 7]: Congrats and thanks for 200 great shows (give or take).
The banana Laffy Taffy from Hikma has jokes on the wrapper (hence ‘laffy’), here you go:
– Knock knock.
– Who’s there?
– Max.
– Max who?
– Max no difference, just open the door please.

And with laughter ringing in our ears, we’re off to have a lie-down. We can feel the sugar crash about to dive-bomb; plus, we need to call the dentist.

Coming up tomorrow: some of the fantastic home-made gifts you have sent us.


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