Five years young


We’d like to wish a very happy birthday to ourselves! For on 2nd January 2007, the very first episode of Answer Me This! hit the nets. And we would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everybody who sat through it.*

It has been a pleasure to have you join us over the years, and especial thanks go to all of you generous lot who have been filling our Big Birthday Box with cards and treats. We’ll be posting a gallery of those from tomorrow, but it’s still not too late to send us a missive (we’ll be milking this birthday for WEEKS if we can get away with it, as any self-respecting 5-year-old should). Here’s our postal address:

Answer Me This!
PO Box 53587
SE19 9BQ

*Although if you think you do want to do that, it will only cost you £0.79.


One Response to “Five years young”

  1. strangely Says:

    happy birthday!

    and the cake on the new picture looks brilliant – i’d be salivating as i type this, but i’ve heard it’s hard to get the stains off from laptops…

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