Brief encounters



Danny from Leeds has discovered nice things to look at from one’s seat on the Great North Eastern Railway, aside from Durham cathedral, the Angel of the North, and Berwick-upon-Tweed:

Recently I was travelling back on the train from my home in Leeds to uni in Edinburgh. I was sat opposite this very attractive Asian lady, probably a bit older than me. We were doing that thing where you catch each other’s eye, hold their gaze and smile, and other flirting for ages. THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME.

So answer me this: are there some rules or advice for how to take it further and do you think I have may have missed a golden opportunity??

Put it this way: you certainly didn’t GRAB any golden opportunity, did you? Therefore you could be said to have missed one. As for taking it further, how about striking up a conversation? If you needed a pretext, you could have offered buy her an overpriced drink from the buffet car, even though the tea tastes like burnt shepherd’s pie. You then have several hours for chit-chat, so by the time you chunter into Edinburgh Waverley you should have definitely reached the point of at least exchanging email addresses.

But you didn’t, so you’ve condemned yourself to a lifetime of “What if?”. If only you’d seized the day, like Alan here:

Last weekend I got a girl’s number on a night out. I’d never done this before so decided what the hell, I will text her. That went well and we decided to meet up this weekend to do “something”.

This is where the problem is… I have no idea what to do! Usually I have a habit of hooking up with friends, or at the very least acquaintances, so I know them before we ever go on a date and therefore can usually plan something I know they’ll like. All I know about this girl is her name.

So answer me this: what are good things to do on a first date? Something fun, unique and memorable that will ensure I get a second one!

Are AMTfans hopeless romantics, or just hopeless? Readers, over to you. Go to the comments and plan Alan’s date for him, giving him suggestions not only for the first date but for the putative follow-up. His happiness depends upon it!


2 Responses to “Brief encounters”

  1. Kimon Says:

    I remember in the original Beverley Hills 90210, Dylan took Brenda to give blood for their first date. Here, watch it:
    So, don’t do that. I reckon, with crowdsourcing, we may be able to get an answer by a process of elimination

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