I Can’t Believe It’s Called Yellow Fats


Luckily for us all, James from Oxford has spent much of the past two decades in deep cover, just to provide the inside scoop following last week’s question concerning I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter:

I used to work with Unilever in the mid 90s on various projects, including the development of their delicious-sounding ‘yellow fats’ strategy for Asia.

Ever fond of an acronym, ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ was shortened to ICBINB within the company. My team had to regularly feign excitement about the prospects for ICBINB and other yellow fats.

Eventually as our fake excitement for fake butter wore thin we further shortened the name internally to FMIM, or ‘Fuck Me It’s Marg’.

This small act of childish subversion somehow gave us the morale boost necessary to soldier on with our meaningless lives.

Meaningless? You brought yellow fats to Asia! A continent that didn’t even know it needed them! Hold your head high, conquering hero.



One Response to “I Can’t Believe It’s Called Yellow Fats”

  1. Chain Bear (@chainbear) Says:

    Beautiful. Of course, it’s not marg either because marg is banned.

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