elephant vaginas


Welcome to zoology corner. Find a seat quickly, because we’ve got a lot of questions to get through:

1. Kyra:
can turtles really breathe from their butts?

2. Claudia from Australia: do horses spit? My friend thinks they do but I think she is WRONG.

3. James: I was recently told that elephants have 3 vaginas, 1 real one and 2 fake ones, is any of this at all true?
I tried to google it but only found a detailed description on how to make an origami vagina!

I don’t want to google any of these – after doing this podcast for nearly 5 years, my search history is already dodgy enough. I really can’t run the risk of adding origami to the mix.

Readers, step up to the plate, and provide your knowledge of fauna in the comments. Good luck to you, and remember to clear your caches afterwards.


6 Responses to “elephant vaginas”

  1. Jepherson Mkala Says:

    The elephants are the most amazing animals, I wanted to know the location of her vigina and I discovered that it is located between her hindlimbs and the location of her breast is between her forelimbs

  2. Jim Bell (@jimothybell) Says:

    Hadn’t hear that about kangaroos. Bifurcated kangaroo penises… nice one Bradley 🙂

  3. chrislaidler Says:

    Kangaroos have 3 vaginas, but only 2 wombs. That’s more or less all I know (thanks Qi)

  4. Jessica Says:

    I know that ducks have 3 vaginas (cervixes really) and barbed penises. dunno about Elephants

  5. Bradley Smith (@Bradleybugman) Says:

    Jim’s answers above are spot on. My only contribution would be that the elephant vagina thing (something I never thought I’d have to type) might be confused with a real fact in kangaroos. Kangaroos have three vaginas: two for mating which each have a separate uterus and one solely for birth. But yes, it makes triad down below. The purpose of this is that females have a fundamentally conveyor-belt method of reproduction, where the moment they give birth from one uterus, the other starts up with a new fetus thanks to a delayed implantation. This keeps a steady stream of baby joeys on the way, despite the downside of only a single joey being able to fit in the pouch at a time. Oh and best/worst of all, male kangaroos have a bifurcated penis (meaning two prongs) so that he doesn’t have to choose to mate with just one vagina.

    And I agree, using your zoology degree is fun!

  6. Jim Bell (@jimothybell) Says:

    1. Turtles have a cloaca, which deals with all of the reproducing and excreting business and some turtles do have a gas exchange organ in there too. This means they can get some oxygen from the water around them, absorbed through this cloaca, although they still have to come up to breathe air too.

    2. Horses don’t usually spit like humans (and camels) can, although they do make saliva and so can expel it from their mouths. Kinda like spitting…

    3. There is no mention of female elephants having 3 vaginas that I can find… Elephants usually live in single sex herds and mating is fairly difficult and requires cooperation from both male and female. Therefore there could be no instances of males forcing females to copulate, which could provide an evolutionary drive for the female to develop a way of preventing unwanted males from mating.

    This happens in ducks, where the female’s cloaca is long and full of twists, turns and dead-ends to reduce the chance of unwanted males from fertilizing her. Females with more labyrinthine cloacas are less likely to be fertilized by poor quality unwanted males, and so she is more likely to be fertilized by the high quality male she has paired with, and the offspring (complete with labyrinthine cloacas themselves) are more likely to survive.

    Isn’t evolution fun?

    Finally using my Zoology degree! Wooo!

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