Toot your horn, Trumpet Girl!


** Click here for Episode 190 **

Last week our special guest Jon Ronson couldn’t hide his revulsion at the idea of having to perform a solo trumpet recital at school, although he did also acknowledge that our anonymous trumpet whiz was obligated to go ahead with it. Aidan from Bedford has the following advice for the girl to minimise the pain that he believes will be suffered by all concerned:

She could say to her head of year that she will do it, but the piece of music should be something fun like the James Bond theme tune or the Wallace and Gromit theme.

Hmm, I’m not convinced – that could be even more mortifying, no? Anyway, Luca presents the counter-argument:

I think she should do it, without any shame!

I passed grade 8 piano when I was fourteen and my headmaster also thought this was mind-blowing so he asked me to play this piece for the whole school.

I too thought my life would be over; then afterwards, a lot of boys (it was an all-boys school) came up to me and congratulated me and admitted that they were sort of impressed, even the “rough” ones.

So I don’t think she should just assume that everyone will hate it! Surely there are people who will enjoy it, and it’s a fun experience.


The #GOODLUCKTRUMPETGIRL hashtag starts here!

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