giddy up, stripy horse!


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We’d just booked our research tour of southern Africa to delve further into last week’s zebra-riding question, but now have to seek a refund as Charlene has done our work for us:

I’ve recently moved back from Kenya (I lived there for three years) and went on many safaris.

I asked ‘Why can’t we ride zebras?’ in Nakuru park.

Apparently we can’t because they don’t have strong rib cages and they would break and the zebra would die.

And there go our dreams of becoming zebra dressage champions.

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One Response to “giddy up, stripy horse!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Really? Charlene must look (and be) awfully gullible! Zebras would’ve disappeared long ago if their ribs were that weak. I believe the answer is that their startle response is so strong that they are not domesticable.

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