AMTpals in Auld Reekie


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Some truly marvellous comedians have recorded jingles for us over the years, and several of them are presently capitalising on that exposure we generously gave them by doing full-length shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. If you’re going to the festival, do check them out:

Andy ZaltzmanArmchair Revolutionary, 16.25 the Stand
Holly WalshHollycopter, 18.00 Pleasance
Jay ForemanWe’re Living in the Future, 14.30 Underbelly
Joanna NearyYouth Club, 15.50 the Stand
Josie LongThe Future is Another Place, 19.00 Pleasance
Matthew CrosbyAdventureParty, 16.45 Pleasance
Stuart GoldsmithAnother Lovely Crisis, 19.00 Pleasance
Tom PriceSay When, 21.45 Pleasance

We’d also recommend seeing AMTfriends Isy Suttie and Bridget Christie, and…heck, there are too many great shows to list here, but go to the comments to tell us about your top picks of the fringe offerings.

And please, if you’re in Edinburgh at 1pm on 25th August, pop into Word Power Books to see us reading from our book as part of the book fringe festival! As added bait, Martin the Sound Man will be wheeled out to serenade the audience; and it’s FREE. It would be delightful to see you there, and maybe we can all go for some deep-fried Irn Bru afterwards.

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6 Responses to “AMTpals in Auld Reekie”

  1. Moz Says:

    Hello. Im at my first edinburgh this year. And its all Very Exciting! And, whilst it seems i am gonna miss Sir Zaltsmann (boo!), i will be seeing miss long, mr crosby AND Tom Price soon. (Yay!). Only been here 2 days so far, but can wholeheartedly recommend mr James Acaster (pleasance below at 9.45ish) and sketch troupe Lady Garden (6pm pleasance upstairs). Thats it so far….:)

  2. Darcy Says:

    Don’t forget your Sony Award co-winner Martin White will be doing Karaoke Circus with Danielle Ward, Aug 22-24.

  3. Nick Says:

    I was at M. Zaltzman’s first preview show. It was genuinely hilarious, and I thought ‘once he learns his lines, it will be something else!’ So I’ll be going again and recommend it highly to all AMTers, not to mention Buglers. I can’t make the reading unfortunately but do have a deep fried bus stop on me.

  4. Matt Says:

    Issy Sutty does have a nice fringe.

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