sexy welders


** Click here for Episode 185 **

Uh oh, Darren from Port Huron, Michigan has found a hole in the internet! He says:

Tonight, on a total lark resulting from some weird random firing of my neurons, I decided to do a Google Image search for “women with welders” with the Safe Search turned off.

You can imagine my complete surprise when every single image, save two, were all of very sensibly dressed women with welding torches, some of them being shown actually working on metal. Of the two, one is a drawing of a sexy female with a torch, and the other was a lady in a bikini top without a welder in sight, which makes me think it was just a non-related result.

So, answer me this: Does this mean there is hope yet for mankind and the Internet? Or will it now be only a matter of time before someone registers

I wouldn’t put anything past the denizens of the internet. ANYthing. (So imaginative! So perverse!) But maybe Darren has stumbled upon something which nobody in World 2.0 wants to beat off to. And even if they did, this would ruin the urge.

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