May to December, or rather, May to mid-July.


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Readers, please go to the comments and brandish advice for Chloe from London:

I am a 22-year-old female and I was recently asked out by a guy at work. We had coffee and chatted and had a good time, but when I added him on facebook I found out he’s 33. Answer me this: how big an age difference is too big? Is 11 years too many?

He’s not exactly the Hugh Hefner to your Crystal Harris, is he? Ignore the fact that when he hit legal voting age you still couldn’t tie your own shoes and give it a whirl! The problem is not so much the age difference, as whether you are both currently wanting similar things out of life – eg if one of you wants a footloose existence while the other wishes to settle down.

That said,
this pair
both wanting to get married doesn’t stop it being wrongwrongwrongwrongWRONG.

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2 Responses to “May to December, or rather, May to mid-July.”

  1. Duncan Says:

    The informal rule of creepy is half the age (of the oldest) and add seven. Half 33 add seven is 23 and a half, so the rule says the relationship is fine.

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