nurse seeks friends


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Pay heed now to this question from lonely Leeds-dweller Alex:

I moved to Leeds for Uni 7 years ago and, after I finished my useless degree and messed around for a bit temping in terrible offices, I decided to get a career. Therefore I have undertaken a second degree, this time in nursing. However a lot of my friends have become disillusioned by Leeds’ charms and have moved away. This has left a significant hole in my immediately accessible social circles. Answer me this: how can I make new age-appropriate friends (most of the girls on my course are 18 – I think as a 27-year-old male it would look a bit weird if I were to only hang out with such young girls)?

Befriend people who are doing post-grad courses, for a start. Other than that, follow the suggestions that our sociable readers have left for you in the comments (readers, go to the comments and submit your suggestions RIGHT NOW. It is your duty to the NHS).

This must be a very common problem these days, judging by the number of versions of it we receive every week. One of you enterprising people out there should set up a Match-style site for adults who simply want to find friends. Right?

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5 Responses to “nurse seeks friends”

  1. Janine Says:

    Hey, I know how you feel, some of my Uni friends have left Leeds too.
    I’m a Leeds girl, 24, done my degree, Postgrad and PGCE here, which have just finished. If you want to hang out get in touch!

  2. Rosario Says:

    One of you enterprising people out there should set up a Match-style site for adults who simply want to find friends. Right?

    There are a couple already out there. I joined one (citysocialising) when I moved to Liverpool and didn’t know anyone, and it was great. Not quite like match, since you don’t go on platonic dates (which would be a bit awkward). People organise stuff (drinks, a meal, a day out somewhere) and you just show up and talk to the people there. It’s a bit terrifying the first time, but worth it. I’ve become friends with quite a few people I met there and now we mostly just see each other outside of the whole website thing.

  3. Matt the pig farmer Says:

    I’m with easy tiger…

  4. 199maddiehamilton Says:

    How old are you?

  5. Easy Tiger Says:

    I cannot sympathise. Hanging out in Leeds with 18 year old girls soundsgreat to me

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