Martin the Telly Man


** Click here for Episode 181 **

If you’ve ever wondered what Martin the Sound Man does in his day job of “physicist”, take a look at this video here, and try not to get as much of a shock as Krish did:

Looking at the technology section on the BBC website, I clicked on the video link called ‘data visualisation’, being a 3D visualiser myself.

I paid half attention to the video, just seeing a chap being interviewed by a journalist, and saw the name Martin come up. I recognised the voice, it was the Sound Man. I saw the hairy scarf wrapped round his neck and that confirmed it for me. It’s well known to AMT listeners Martin is a hairy man.

How often does he appear on TV? Will he knock Brian Cox off his mantle by appearing on more TV shows?

I thought he did very well. I would be glad to see more TV appearances from Martin.

Wouldn’t we all! We’re still waiting to hear back from the casting director of BBC3’s Help! Everyone Keeps Mistaking Me For a Bear, but if any of the rest of you want to employ Martin on the TV networks that you run, do get in touch. Surely Professor Cox must be feeling a bit weary of sitting on the edge of cliffs explaining about atoms by now.

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6 Responses to “Martin the Telly Man”

  1. strangely Says:

    i’d have gone with Aust-Zaltzwick myself. all the nenefits of the elision between the surnames, but with the added bonus of sounding like a Bavarian village.

    great name though. he’ll go far…

  2. Beth Says:

    So the decision on the marital surname was ‘Zaltz Austwick’ then? 🙂

  3. David (from Maldon) Says:

    I think he sounds dead clever and has lost that nasty echo!

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