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We’ve only gone and bloody done it.

After years of being the Sony Awards’ equivalent of Todd Martin, last night we were properly sodding thrilled to win the GOLD Radio Academy Award for Best Internet Programme.

Well, I was thrilled. Helen and Martin were still on honeymoon, driving through Montana. Martin had food poisoning from eating some bison, apparently. But then they heard the news. And they were thrilled too.

Here I am getting the award from renowned podcast fanatic Kelly Hoppen. Rumour has it she once listened to Stephen Fry’s Podgrams, and thought it was adequate.

You can sometimes tell if you’ve won by assessing how far your table is from the stage (there are actually ALCOVES UNDER THE STAIRS for real losers). This year we were about two-thirds of the way back, so no clues there. We were seated with some very lovely people from Central FM Scotland, and they won a Gold Station of the Year award, so there was a lot of champagne flowing.

What with us producing the show in the Zaltzwick sitting room – and thus not having a Station Manager, Event Co-Ordinator, Publicist and that kind of thing – I was sitting with my girlfriend, mum, dad and grandma. I think I am the only person to ever bring my family to the Sony’s, apart from Ashley Tabor. (That’s a radio industry joke, hark at me!)

I don’t remember much about going to collect the award from Kelly and Chris Evans, because it was all over very quickly indeed. Helen had written me a speech to read out on her behalf, which she’d sealed in an envelope on the day of her wedding. The idea of opening it on stage for the first time petrified me, because obviously I assumed she would casually employ a clever word I would fail to pronounce or understand, so I couldn’t help but open it at home yesterday afternoon. It simply said, ‘IS NOW A GOOD TIME TO TELL YOU I HAVEN’T GOT YOU A BIRTHDAY PRESENT?’.

Yes, Helen. Now is a very good time.

Here’s what I actually said:

The Judges statement said: “The presenters of this podcast demonstrate a strong rapport that sometimes traditional radio struggles to replicate. The judges found this podcast engaging, warm and funny; with creative imaging and a strong connection to the community of listeners.” Which was jolly nice of them.

There are, I think, two groups of amazing people we need to thank.

First: our hugely talented group of friends who have supplied us with brilliant jingles, idents and sketches over the years (that would be the ‘creative imaging’ the Judges are referring to).

And Second? YOU. More than almost any other show I can think of, Answer Me This! is all about our listeners, and the incredible feedback and questions you supply us which makes up our content. If it weren’t for people like you, downloading our show every week, telling your friends and spreading the word, we’d have given up long ago.

So, thanks so much for sticking with us for the past four years. This Award is dedicated to you.

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17 Responses to “GOLD!”

  1. Laura Says:

    As a fervent listener to this podcast, I have only one thing to say: You’re welcome. Now answer me this, where’s my bloody Helen and Olly t-shirt in reward?

    (PS Well done you all!)

  2. Desmond Says:

    Good to see the lapdance and chocs were not wasted, congrats.

  3. Garry McNamara Says:

    Answer Me This! – Who the hell is Kelly Hoppen? Has Charlie Dimmock had a makeover?

    Jolly good show boys and girl – one day you’ll be as rich as Chris Evans but I won’t have to send you a question asking why.

    And now that you are world famous and two thirds married, what do you think the subject of your first super injunction will be?

  4. Bryan Says:

    I second everything Neil wrote. Especially that Olly’s mum is hot. Now just try and not have nightmares, Olly!

    Well done all of you.

  5. Neil Walsh Says:

    Shock Horror: a well deserved win! and a highly personable speech too, the polar opposites of what I’m used to seeing with boring musician bods employing the mumbling-about-nothing-into-their-beards technique. Nicely done.

    Also, Olly – your mum is a hottie!

  6. Molly Says:

    Well done! You totally deserve it. I can’t wait for the new series.

  7. Pete from Barnet Says:

    and of course we all now feel a sense of smugness because we already knew that AMT was the best show on the internet!
    Well done to Mann Zaltzwick productions.
    Hmm, a fairy tale wedding followed days later by some monumental global news….

  8. Andrew Millis Says:

    Congrats you three, just fantastic… I thought Ollie’s walk to the podium would never end.. actually, I thought that he would jump onto tables to get there quicker..

  9. Katie Says:

    As a Montana native, I apologize for the bison and offer hearty congratulations on the gold!

  10. Jimcredible Says:

    Congrats Ollie, glad you weren’t wearing that union flag tie I saw you with on the royal wedding coverage. Must have been a great evening – without the tie.


  11. hampers Says:

    Congratulations to everyone. Well done. You deserve it!!

  12. Zac Says:


  13. Will Finch Says:

    You guys rock.

  14. murrayNE Says:

    Congratulations, Helen, Olly, Martin and the AMT players. A well-deserved (read: overdue) gong for a great show.

  15. David (from Maldon) Says:

    Well done you gold-plated pod peeps!

  16. Wayne Neale Says:

    bloody brilliant – so well deserved. By the way Ollie, how soon was it this morning when you ordered the new “Sony Gold Award winning podcaster” business cards? 🙂

    Great to see Danny Baker win too. You really should get him in – now that is a man who lives and breathes trivia!

  17. Nick Grant Says:

    Congratulations, fantastic news 🙂 Now answer me this, will the trophy live in the toilet?

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