Parkour classes, and perv prevention


Remember AMT175? Nor do we! But fortunately Nick from Tadley does:

Helen questioned how you would start learning parkour. Olly suggested starting on small walls or some other thing, which is partly true. However, recently, there are actual sessions in gyms which dedicate themselves to this. How else would people learn how to kick the moon or corkscrew? Also, it’s great fun just chucking yourself from a high platform into a foam pit and landing like some kind of ninja!

Excellent! If Olly ever feels like dislocating his other shoulder, we’ll sign him up.

Our most recent podcast also provoked Cat from London to write in:

You asked whether you should tell someone if their fly was undone. I was on the tube once, getting off at Kings Cross, and for ages I agonised over this question: to my side I could see right into a lady’s top (not that I wanted to, I am a straight female).

When I finally decided that she probably would appreciate the sisterhood of telling her about it, I said, “Excuse me, your…” only to realise her earphones were in and I had to repeat myself (without embarrassing her in front of the man near us).

So I just gestured to my own bust area with a panicked look on my face, and pointed at her button. Luckily she smiled and laughed in embarrassment and did it up, and that was that. Job well done.

A crisis averted – with mime! If only they were all so easily solved.

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2 Responses to “Parkour classes, and perv prevention”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I once walked all the way across my uni department’s atrium, up the stairs to the first floor, into an office (in which there were at least two people) to borrow a laptop, met my dissertation supervisor outside, and walked back downstairs, all the time displaying my knickers, and NO-ONE TOLD ME.

    It wasn’t until I was back across the atrium that the receptionist dashed over to let me know. One of the most embarrassing moments of my years at uni so far. Therefore, my answer is to ALWAYS tell someone!

  2. Clare Says:

    I once told a girl in a shop that her skirt was tucked into her knickers. I said “excuse me, your skirt is tucked in at the back” and then realised that she didn’t understand English, so I just pointed. She gushed her thanks at me and I wafted out on a cloud of my own smugness.

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